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Embracing Your Body, Improving Your Health

Inclusive personal training & online coaching for folks looking to create enjoyable habits that enhance their relationships with their bodies, food, and exercise.

Pilar Monroe - Personal Trainer - Nutrition Coach

Creating A Sense of Home in Your Health Practices

You KNOW that moving your body and eating more vegetables is beneficial, but no one seems to talk about the sweet sauce of actually making them into habits that complement your life. When there is a discussion around sustainability, it often has to do with an overarching, one-way-should-fit-all method, rather than creating a structure that uniquely supports your desires and needs. 

It implies that if we are not reaching for the pinnacle of health in the way that "successful" people are, then we’re the problems that need to be fixed. *cue T Swift* Unfortunately, the one-way-should-fit-all approach, often shamefully makes us feel like we’re not doing enough or being enough. 


It brings about a bigger issue of failing to listen to us and our experiences. It disregards the way we’ve grown up, what we have or don’t have access to, and any possible disabilities. Not everyone can do the same things and not everyone has the same interests for their health. We don’t need to be fixed, *flips hair* we’re the sh*t as is. 

Honestly, only YOU can decide what matters to you and what you need. With that decision, just remember that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Find something along the spectrum that works for you. You can want to better yourself AND appreciate who you are now. You can work hard for the things you desire AND experience the pleasures of rest. 

If you’re looking for some guidance and support along this journey, Empowered Body is here for you. We want you to feel confident in who you are as a person and in your abilities to make healthful decisions. We encourage everyone to think about what they truly want for themselves in combination with standard health guidelines. 

Create YOUR definition of health - make it authentic and something you love. 

You deserve to be at home in yourself (if that’s what you want of course) and experience the benefits of movement and nourishing foods while making peace with your body and mind.

For Clarity

When we say “embracing your body” we mean moving in and/or living in a space of willingly accepting ourselves. A space of closely holding ourselves. 


When we say “enjoyable habits” we mean doing things that feel better for your body and mind. Moving along a spectrum to a place of less hatred and more pleasure.



Personal Training

We let strength, cardio, and enjoyable movement take the spotlight with the knowledge that physical changes may be a side effect. With our holistic approach, we believe fitness can be highly beneficial, but we also think there is more to life than exercise. We aim to have movement complement your lifestyle, not add a burden to it. It's called balance baby.

*This service is offered in-person, hybrid, online face-to-face and through an app.

A woman smiling while rolling up a yoga mat

Nutrition Coaching

Increasing our internal awareness and improving our understanding of nutritional needs can be *chefs kiss* life-changing. Some folks may want to feel more in control and less guilty when eating, while others may want to improve performance and recovery for their workouts. We can help with anything along that spectrum! We'll focus on not only the "what," but also the "how" of eating while reshaping how we view food and helping you reach your goals. 

*This service is offered online face-to-face and through an app.

A woman licking one finger while eating a hamburger


Courses are ideal for those looking for a DIY and financially accessible option. They are designed to support individuals in their goals through engaging video presentations, activities, and progressive action items. If you like the idea of an online course, but want more coaching for your unique circumstance, you can add a little bit of spice with the option of upgrading to limited 1:1 for extra support.

*Coming Soon in 2023!

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*Sliding Scale pricing is available for all services.

Interest Forms

Ready to reach out to us about next steps or want more info? We offer free consultations for everyone. If we're a great fit, awesome! If not, we're happy to offer more referrals and resources.  Fill out the form(s) below or send us an email at!

We Connect Best With:

  • Recovering hustleholics who are tired of the continuous go-hard mentality. They’re over feeling depleted and want to feel less guilt and more joy surrounding exercising and eating.

  • Beginners & re-beginners who might’ve heard awful things growing up about eating and exercising. They want to improve their health practices in a way that doesn’t damage their relationship with their body anymore. 

  • Folks who don’t want to treat their bodies like machines anymore. They’ve started reframing their outlook on health and are looking for more guidance from a non-diet/HAES-aligned perspective that will help them reach their goals. 

"I really enjoyed my time working with Pilar. She is easy to talk with and have open conversations with. She is very knowledgeable in every area we worked together on. She has provided me with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to keep pushing and moving toward my goals." 



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