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A personal trainer doing a runner's lunge stretch while looking up toward the ceiling.


I have loved working with Pilar on my personal health journey. As someone who has never really liked to exercise, I genuinely look forward to and enjoy our sessions. Before we began working together, Pilar asked me a series of questions to get to know me, what drives me, my preferences, and how to be the most effective trainer for me. She wanted to understand my goals and make sure we were in alignment. I have never had a trainer take this approach and I truly believe it's made all the difference in my success thus far. Further, Pilar has helped me become more in tune with my body and its movements and muscle engagement which have made my workouts more effective as well. 


Pilar is consistent, insightful, and thoughtful. She actively continues her studies and research in exercise science to help me (and her other clients) with my goals, and she creates and adjusts my program to meet my specific needs. She promotes a positive environment by being very grounded and open-minded and having a great sense of humor. Her coaching allows me to just focus on myself and how my body feels with each movement and not worry about anything else. 


I FEEL stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. My endurance and stamina have increased and I am more confident trying other physical activities. In all, I am very pleased with my progress and Pilar's approach to personal training.


As a human who has never felt comfy in gyms or in fitness spaces, Pilar is the person that I'm so grateful to have committed to working with that makes me excited to show up in a gym. I am my whole f**king authentic self with her, and that keeps me coming back. They cheer me on, meet me where I am, and push me in ways I couldn't have imagined. I feel stronger physically and emotionally since I made this commitment to myself... but I literally don't know if I could've entered this space without Pilar and Body Arc. I made the decision to invest in myself with Pilar based on knowing them briefly in another context and having a sense of shared values. I couldn't be more grateful for this decision. LISTEN. As a queer, enby, poly, kinky person, I love this human for seeing me as me, especially in a space where I didn't expect to be seen. Also her laugh 🤣


I started training with Pilar in January 2022. I was looking for someone to help me become the best possible version of myself. I had just started coming out of a 2-month depression and was trying any and everything to feel alive. On one hand, I needed someone I felt safe and comfortable with because I was struggling with anxiety. On the other hand, I needed someone who was going to push me and not let me be my own worst enemy. Within the first few sessions, I knew I had found my coach. I went from hip thrusting a 30lb dumbbell to hip thrusting over 100lbs past my body weight. I can deadlift 155lbs and I’m on my way to a pull-up. I leave every session feeling strong and proud. I love bragging to friends and coworkers about my accomplishments and have even started posting videos on social media. 


I never feel judged by Pilar and always feel encouraged. And while all those physical accomplishments are cool, Pilar has also helped my mental health. There will be times when I text them and say “yo I’m not doing so good today can we go easy?” Without hesitation or ridicule, they agree and come up with a customized program for the day. She allows me to still show up for myself. It’s important to me because sometimes “gym culture” doesn’t feel like it allows for “weakness.” When I travel for work she makes me a customized app-based program so I don’t miss out on my gains!! This helps me feel comfortable and confident in the gym without her. 


I love working out now and it’s more of an act of kindness to myself than anything. I appreciate my body for how strong it is. I also do nutrition coaching with Pilar which has been a real eye-opening experience. I enjoy having them as my accountability partner and making them do all the hard work tracking🤣. Since starting nutrition coaching, I am able to look at food as a way to fuel my body and not feel guilty about it. I always wanted a healthier relationship with food and alcohol and that is what we are working on. So! If you’re looking for a coach who pushes you, encourages you, makes you laugh, and is a hard ass about finishing out those damn reps… Pilar is for you! And if you need any more proof…my lil dump truck is a testament in itself. 😅


Even though I've only worked with Pilar for a short period of time, they re-ignited my desire to move again and reminded me how I can do that in a non-toxic way. They listened when I set boundaries and found creative ways to work around my ADHD, migraines or any other random s**t that was going on with me that day. Because of their training and encouragement, my mental health is in a better state than when I started. I look forward to working with them again and seeing what creative and engaging things we do to make movement fun. Also, their playlist slaps, which is easily half the battle in getting into a groove while working out for me. If you're looking for someone who will listen to you and what's going on both physically AND mentally with you, challenge you in a way that creates a healthy relationship with your body, and keep you laughing - then Pilar is the right person for you.


When I decided to start the journey of personal training, I was looking for a holistic space to care for myself, show up as a whole person, and really take charge of my body and physical health in a way that honored my experiences. I’ve felt like I’ve found that while working with Pilar. I appreciate her dedication to the body, mind, and soul. I also appreciate the sacred space that’s cultivated while moving my body in this place of accountability, as well as the humanization of my experience while honoring all parts of myself and the invitation to show up fully as I am in every session. 


During our sessions together, I feel deep gratitude that allows me to push through the times that feel difficult. This process has allowed me to see that I am capable of doing more than I thought. It’s given me space to get out of my head and into my body to just feel. The encouragement and motivation Pilar has offered in such a gentle, yet assertive way, has been helpful. Like “you ain’t gonna lay on this ground and just talk to me - you’re gonna move your body.” It’s been a very grateful reminder of how you and the space matters, your body matters, and she wants wellness for you. 


Since starting personal training, I’ve felt more energy, momentum, and stamina to do the hard stuff. Personal training was something that I wanted to do and then was able to say "oh, I can’t do this by myself and I need help." That’s really opened my eyes to be willing to try more things that might be difficult. 


I don't see exercise as a duty or obligation anymore. I enjoy moving my body and working out. I also enjoy building strength in areas and leaning into a part of my body that I hadn't awakened in a long time.


I think this is for ALL bodies and Pilar does a great job honoring them however they show up. She cultivates a space to build strength, but also the mind and spirit. Pilar is very holistic in the way they operate and show up in the work. I think this space is for people who want to lean into and be seen as their most authentic selves. I think it *may* not be for those who prefer to use the space like a machine and don’t want to do the deeper work.

Disclaimer: All testimonials, statements, examples, photos, and opinions on the website are provided for informational purposes only. They are not a guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. You understand that your results may vary.

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