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About Empowered Body 

A person tying their shoelaces.

We Prioritize:


You’re 100% the expert on yourself and get to decide what "healthy" means. Whatever you decide, we love that for you! Catch us providing information from many perspectives so you can make more informed decisions about your healthful practices.


We aim to provide accessible options to ALL folks - especially those who are often disregarded, excluded, and marginalized. Assuming everyone has the same needs and experiences just ain’t it. 


Body Neutrality

Body size/shape is not an indicator of health or competence in physical activity. Point. Blank. Period. The way humans move and eat often leads to physical changes AND there are ways to support that (if desired) with non-harmful and compassionate methods. You won’t hear us discussing aesthetic goals unless you bring them up first.


We partner together to create a process and program that works best for you. Definitely expect to hear plenty of "What are your thoughts on ___?" and "Is there any way we can tweak ___ so it can be more of what you're looking for?"


Life is fluid. Our responsibilities, tasks, and energy levels vary from day to day, so why shouldn't our movement and eating practices vary too? We encourage folks to ditch the all-or-nothing thinking and opt for the gray area instead. Rigid rules? We don’t know her.


While society may say otherwise, there are no bodies that are more worthy than others. Shame has been used as a tool of oppression that has turned us against ourselves and those around us. Living in a place of self-acceptance or self-love is radical - it creates a ripple effect that stems from a transformation within and has the potential to eventually transform our society. With that, it's important to note that safety, education, and access (in industries other than just wellness) play a large role in one's ability to experience liberation. 


Not only is there so much to gain from finding simple gratitude in the way we eat and move, but it makes long-term success increasingly more likely. Yes, life’s BS will definitely happen, but what if we could make things a bit easier for ourselves? What if working out and eating “healthy” didn’t have to suck? What if even some joy was possible? We can be capable of self-compassion AND pushing through challenging situations.

Pilar is standing with a medicine ball in her hand with a small smile on her face.

About Pilar

Heyy y’all! Thanks for taking a little bit of time to get to know me. I’m Pilar (she/they), a neurodivergent person of color and the founder of Empowered Body, LLC. Before jumping into my story, I think it’s important to acknowledge some of my privileges. Among other things, I am college educated, relatively petite, hetero-passing, light-skinned, and have access to necessary medications for mental illnesses and disabilities.


When I first entered the fitness and wellness space, I fully embraced the well-established diet and hustle culture. I was doing everything I was “supposed” to in the fitness and wellness space, but nothing felt like it aligned with my deep values and needs. Life was unfulfilling as I was trying to be disciplined and a "go-getter."


I felt hurt and let down by my body and mind. I yearned to be successful in the realms of my career and health…as a result, I did everything I thought I was “supposed” to. I fought for my willpower and battled to stay disciplined. But my body said, “nah sis we’re not doing that” and wouldn’t let me override to take control. During those times, I felt like a failure while the struggle to be “healthy” slowly ate away at me.


The true reality of it was that my body was just doing its damn job - protecting me to the best of its ability. It didn’t strive for accolades - only simply and humbly supporting. It cared for me, but I pushed and pushed until it forced me to stop. I kept going through these cycles of burnout and confusion, miserable AF. One day I was randomly introduced to the concept of anti-diet culture.


After several months of deep diving into books like "The Body Is Not An Apology" by Sonya Renee Taylor, my body was trying to communicate with me. I had just been oblivious throughout all those cycles of frustration and pain. I was exhausted…I didn’t realize my body was craving rest that was more than just sleep. I was numb…I didn’t realize my body was craving connection. I was fighting for control, but was perpetually out of control….I didn’t realize my body was craving freedom.


Self-reflections started rolling in about social expectations, what I’d been taught, where it all stemmed from, and how it related to systemic oppression. This was the kickstart to transforming my relationship with my body and the way I viewed “health.”


I realized I didn't have to play by the rules of diet and fitness culture. It was OKAY to rest. It was OKAY if I didn't eat the ideal serving of veggies every day. It was OKAY if I spent some weeks doing gentle movements and others doing higher intensities. It was OKAY if I prioritized how my body felt to me over how it looked to others.


Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with my old thoughts from time to time, but it's 10x better than it used to be. I can finally relax and feel a sense of home within my body. Not a home that’s like the kind we grow up in, but the kind where I get to define and create peace for myself.


While it's a continual journey, it is something I LOVE spreading to others. It’s a process of helping people unlearn society’s version of health and helping them thrive in authenticity on how they’d like to uniquely define it for themselves... a process of seeing changes in their relationships with themselves, their confidence, and their self-awareness. Everyone is deserving of that feeling of home…whatever that means for you.

Now that you’ve gotten a gist of my story, here’s something a bit more typical:

Pilar smiling while standing outside on a balcony.

When I’m not laughing (I mean training) with clients, you can find me taking walks with my dog, cuddling with my cats, basking on my balcony with a beer, nerding out with a book, or enjoying new foods at local coffee shops. I also love exploring creative movement as an embodied practice of taking up space. This typically looks like either modern dance or pole dancing.

My fitness interests include anything that keeps me mentally stimulated. In other words, I have ADHD and focus on different exercise goals every 3 months or so. When it comes to cooking, you can catch me using allll the quick and easy options. Yes, the "processed" foods that are still nourishing and help me to eat and honor my hunger cues. 

I'm an occasionally sassy human that takes on fitness and nutrition with a radically compassionate approach filled with pleasure and flexibility. I hope I get the chance to learn your story and help you along your healthful journey!

Educational Qualifications

  • B.S. in Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science (Concentration in Exercise Science)

  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist 

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach

  • AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor 

  • SITA Size-Inclusive Fitness Specialist 

  • In Progress: Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Pilar is holding a low plank on their forearms.
Pilar is writing in her journal while sitting outside on a balcony.
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