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Personal Training

A person standing tall while holding a barbell with plates on the side. They are doing a deadlift.

Offerings & Pricing

1:1 Online/App-Based Coaching​

Pricing: $175-$225/month


  • Initial movement assessment

  • Personalized exercise programming

  • Bi-weekly or weekly check-ins

  • Email support 

  • Technique feedback 

  • Access to Trainerize coaching app

    • Track progress​

    • Video exercise demos

    • Recipe ideas

Video Coaching

(1:1 only) 4 sessions/month: $260/month

(1:1 only) 8 sessions/month: $480/month

*All video coaching includes additional app-based support and programming

In-Person Coaching

1:1 Personal Training: $65/session

Partner (2:1) Training: $90/session

Small Group Training (3-5 people): $30/session/person

"So which one is for me?"

1:1 Online/App-Based Coaching
  • For the person who likes doing workouts on their own time and receiving feedback 1-2x/week

Video Coaching
  • For the person who wants immediate feedback and will use equipment at a gym or at home
In-Person Coaching
  • I want immediate feedback and would like to train at Body Arc in Richmond

Hybrid Coaching (available by request)

  • For the person who would like to do a combination of the above options

Sliding scale options are also available by request - check the FAQs page for more details or reach out via email if you have more questions!

This might be for you if:

  • You want to become a stronger version of yourself and are open to the idea of taking up more space (physically and energetically)

  • You like having room for flexibility in your workout based on your energy that day

  • You care less about aesthetics and more about improving your overall health. Defined muscles just happen to be a pretty nice side effect

  • You appreciate having the guidance of a coach to help you reach your goals in the most efficient way possible 

  • You question what society has taught you about "fitness"

This might not be for you if: 

  • You're looking for fast and easy results

  • You *only* want to be told what to do. We love a collaborative experience and want to get your feedback on regular basis!

  • You're looking to have a brand new workout every session. Most programs (depending on the person's individual needs) last 4-8 weeks. We do provide options within a workout program to switch between exercises. This is ideal for people who appreciate some variety or for the days when life is feeling like sh*t

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